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Cyber Analytics / Big Data Analytics

Ad hoc Research has one of the most innovative solutions for visualizing network situational awareness to defend against threats and targeted attacks. Our Cyber Analytic Engine solutions are geared to detect and respond to advanced data breaches associated with the cyber-espionage activity, insider threats, and other types of cyber-attacks.

Modeling & Simulation

Ad hoc Research provides Modeling & Simulation services that link to the vast area of Command, Control, Communication and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) domain. Our Modeling & Simulation strategy is extensively focused on program risk reduction acquisition timelines and overall lifecycle cost reduction. Modeling & Simulation methods are applied to almost all phases of acquisitions and systems engineering processes. Ad hoc Research has excellent solutions to assist clients reducing cost, mitigating risks, identifying and solving key systems interoperability and scalability issues.

Test & Evaluation

Ad hoc Research specializes in providing Test & Evaluation services. Our Test & Evaluation strategies are aimed at all phases of program lifecycle. We can support integration, test & evaluation of the planning, execution and analysis levels. Our solutions include data reduction and analysis tools related to distributed data collection and data processing.

Systems Integration

Modern C4ISR systems highly rely on information exchanges across various systems at different layers of organizations. The success of such System of Systems operation depends on seamless systems integration. Ad hoc research associates have extensive experience in solving complex interoperability issues by leveraging state of the art modeling & simulation and test & evaluation methodologies.

Integrated Logistics Support

Ad hoc Research’s Test and Evaluation of C5ISR systems to ensure the safety, reliability and operational capability while ensuring continued sustainment of the equipment throughout its life cycle. We drive down life cycle costs using our data analytics within our System Life Cycle Support and Integrated Logistics Support services. Our Federal Services Division provides a comprehensive logistics service from sustainability and safety engineering, change and data control, storage and supply chain management in support of field engineering services.

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