Ad hoc Research Appoints Director of T&E Solutions

April 1, 2020 – Ad hoc Research would like to introduce Steve Drake, our new Director for Test & Evaluation. Steve will leverage his years of experience as an Army Officer and a Test & Evaluation SME to elevate Ad hoc Research capabilities across the DoD.

Steve is a versatile, high-performing professional with a talent for building teams, managing technical programs and executing complex, hard-hitting initiatives vital to organizational and operational success. With a military career spans 25+ years in leadership (retiring out as the Director of CTSF), strategic systems interoperability, acquisition management and the development, production and implementation of mission-critical assets for combat and defense, Steve is a known entity in the Army PEOs and T&E world, and is an invaluable asset to Ad hoc Research, the US Army, and industry.

I hope our industry and government partners will join us in welcoming Steve. And, if you have needs in Test & Evaluation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Steve or the Ad hoc Research team as we pioneer big data analytics and synthetic test environments.