Digital Transformation solutions 

Enterprise and Military Systems

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Ad hoc Research stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive digital transformation solutions for both enterprise and military systems. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented in these sectors, leveraging our extensive capabilities to deliver innovative, efficient, and secure solutions.

AI/ML Managed Services

Our AI/ML managed services are a cornerstone of our digital transformation strategy. Utilizing our MLOps platform, we streamline the deployment and management of machine learning models, enhancing operational efficiency. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence-based cognitive agents and Computer Vision Analytics transforms complex data into actionable insights. With our Data Engineering services and sophisticated Data Quality issue detection, we ensure the integrity and reliability of your data. Our specialization in Reinforcement Learning algorithms and Generative AI Integration offers solutions that adapt and evolve to meet diverse business challenges.

Digital Twin/Simulation for Telecom and Military Networks

We provide specialized Digital Twin/Simulation solution managed services, focusing on Telecom and military network operations. Our services enable rapid adjustments and optimization through instant impact identification of parameter changes and ‘Golden Parameters’ testing before deployment. We minimize the need for expensive real-world tests, visualize complex scenarios, and anticipate future challenges through simulation, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability.

Test & Evaluation Services

Our Test & Evaluation services, tailored for Telecom and military network operations, are grounded in a deep understanding of DoD T&E standards. We excel in non-kinetic testing, including cyber and EW effect-based evaluations, analyzing network performance, identifying and rectifying issues, and providing robust field test support. Our simulation capabilities address security vulnerabilities and ensure software meets and exceeds quality metrics.

DevSecOps in Software Development

Our managed software development services are aligned with DoD and industry-standard best practices for DevSecOps. We embed security from the start, streamline regulatory adherence, and enable real-time threat detection for quicker mitigation of vulnerabilities. Security is a collective team responsibility, and we maintain fast release cycles to provide secure, efficient, and cutting-edge software solutions.

Integrated Logistics Support

Our Integrated Logistics Support services focus on the Test and Evaluation of C5ISR systems, ensuring safety, reliability, and operational capability throughout the equipment’s life cycle. We use data analytics to drive down life cycle costs and provide comprehensive logistics services, including sustainability and safety engineering, change and data control, storage, and supply chain management.

Ad hoc Research is committed to driving digital transformation in enterprise and military systems. Our tailored solutions, grounded in advanced technology and industry expertise, ensure that our clients are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital age, maintaining a competitive edge and operational excellence.

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