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Ad hoc Research is a small business that is a thought leader in Networks, Communication, Modeling & Simulation, Big Data Analytics and Test & Evaluations. We are a recognized leader in network integrated test modernization and innovation, with experts in all aspects of distributed test and experimentation executions. Our SMEs have been at the technical forefront of LVC and synthetic test technologies integration. Our world-class staff is comprised of veterans and PhD’s who understand the warfighter and maintain the technical acumen to be future leaders in our domains. We have been effective leaders in addressing and resolving tactical network integration issues. We provide the federal government with a capability to innovate, modernize, and optimize operations and staff for success.

Ad hoc Research’s Data 2 Decisions Analytics ® (D2D) framework addresses the most prominent challenge, performing quantitative analysis on the plethora of structured and unstructured data collected at C4ISR system sensors which provides insights to facilitate decision-making in a timely manner. D2D Analytics Interactive Data Visualization framework at its core provides a next-generation capability for NetOps, Cyber Situational Awareness, Synthetic Test & Training environment and few other use cases.

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