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Cyber Range

Cyber Experimentation

Overview of Innovative Experimentation & Research Strategy With growing cyber threats, the need to develop an experimental testbed for understanding rapidly evolving complex US Army’s tactical cyber domain is highly crucial to close the gap between threat and defense. Traditionally, cyber security related researches are conducted using either discrete event simulator or network emulator narrowly […]

Cyber Defense

Big Data & Cyber Defense

The Implications of Big Data for Cyber Defense Information and communications technology (ICT) has become a cornerstone of our modern society, and functioning without such technology is now virtually impossible. Such an all-encompassing industry entails interdependency; one interruption can ultimately have an enormous impact. Unfortunately, cyberattacks have become an increasingly severe problem and experts predict […]


Model V&V

Model verification is the process of determining that a model or experimentation implementation and its associated data accurately represents the researcher’s conceptual description and specifications. In modeling and experimentation methodology, model verification usually done by unit level testing. Experimentation workbench is treated as a black box for unit tests. The strategy should be to test […]

Tactical Network Emulation

Current Army’s heterogeneous network is divided into two layers; i.e. Upper Tactical Internet and Lower Tactical Internet. Upper Tactical Internet is deployed at Company and above level with WIN-T (Warfighter Information Network-Tactical) waveforms and Lower Tactical Internet is deployed at Company and below level with MNVR (Mid-tier Networking Vehicular Radio) waveforms.  In order to accurately […]

Cyber Analytics

As the modernized United States Army prepares for network-centric warfare operations by linking advanced weapons systems, platforms, sensors and Command & Control systems using LandWarNet framework, cybersecurity has stepped to the forefront to defend the Army’s vast cyber domain. The Army leverages strategic and tactical assets that are connected to their cyber domain, including software […]

Big Data Analytics for Test & Evaluations

In the recent years, DoD has been acquiring major C4ISR systems to migrate towards network centric warfare. By DoD 5000 series policies all C4ISR systems go through formal test & evaluation process to ensure all level of requirements are met. Based on requirements analysis evaluators layout Measure of Performance (MoP) and Measure of Effectiveness (MoE) […]